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Jeff the Killer x Reader - Sweet Dreams (Part 14)
Your POV
With the towel wrapped around me and my clothes clutched under my arm I went out of the bathroom to Jeff's room and felt a sudden empty feeling as I realized that he wasn't there, but I tried to ignore it. I closed the door and searched for clothes to wear. Finally finding some I let my towel fell to the floor and got into the clothes. After doing my hair and putting on some make-up I looked in the weirdly large mirror. Jeff wasn't fancied, was he?
I examined my (h/c) hair. It was pinned up to a bun where some curls that I made before peered out of it and fell down around my face. Around my (e/c) eyes I had applied some black smokey eyeshadow and my lips were dipped in shimmering black. On my right hand I wore my favorite ring, on my ears small red roses out of metal. But my main outfit was a black short skirt with lace on top and a blood red vest which fitted to my high heels in the same color, which were decorated with laces on the front side. I smiled happily about t
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Back kiddies! working on a creepypasta at the moment! She could be uploaded any day now! 
The drawing above is supposed to be the protagonist of my new story. The thing is...I don't know what to name her! So if you all can type down a name for her, or if you can't think of one reply to your favorite name. This'll be going till 13th March 2017 so let's get thinking please!

Yaya Highland    
Alias: The Marionette
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Looks: pale (nearly white) skin, glowing dull jade green eyes, long thigh-length black/dark blue hair, sharp canine fangs (teeth are white, but stained red at the ends) slim body, a long frilly black dress with long-sleeves, fishnets, dark blue pumps. On her wrists, stomach, legs and neck there are stab wounds, but over the ones on her neck, there's a rope mark. Yes, she was stabbed and strangled. (certainly Gothic)
Abilities/weapons: Can use dolls to speak to another person, she can make dolls pin people down even when the victim doesn't own any. Can fix dolls with a small glowing white and bright blue orb or use the orb as a killing method. Better yet, she can use it as a light source.
Friends/Family: No family.  Candy (best friend), Diamond (2nd Best friend)
Personality: Strong, quiet, shy, independent, fast
Backstory: She was murdered during the school dance (at the girls' school they have a dance for each the years) and as her friends had also been killed, but were too stubborn to pass on, ended up how the Puppeteer came out. 

Name: Candy Middle-wood
Alias: Candy-cane
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Looks: Pale skin, cheerful bright blue eyes, midriff-long rainbow hair in sideways high ponytail, a dull pink bow in her hair, pearly white fangs, slim body, a dark long-sleeved shirt (magenta, dark blue and white), a short whitish-blue dress with pink on top, thigh-high violet stalkings and blue heeled shoes. (definitely the bright type) Also, has stab wounds like Yaya.
Abilities/weapons: Knife with a cupcake engraved into the hilt. She can phase through specific things, such as electronics, wood, etc.
Personality: hyper, sweet, crazy, giggly, playful, silly, always smiling and laughing.

Name: Diamond Eve-Summers
Alias: The Killer Jewel
Gender: Female 
Age: 14
Looks: Pale skin, she has one brown eye and blue one, dark brown hair in double pigtails, slim body, purple jogging top, black long-sleeve underneath, 
Abilities/weapons: A pistol and knife

Personality: smiley, bit of a mish-mash of the two girls above. Electronic, hard-working, sneaky, clever


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